Monday, February 15, 2010

Pics Of Fat Black Viginas Do You Think Im Ugly? Am I Fat? (pics)?

Do you think im ugly? am i fat? (pics)? - pics of fat black viginas¤t=Picture041.jpg
(Ignore makeup, if you can, I seriosely boring. lol)
find (and that's me, it's more hyper, but it's the only place I could shoot. lol. btw thats my friends album, so I basically only one with black hair am)

So you think I'm ugly? All my friends are so thin and pretty. I'm sore point: (


osborne! said...

not ugly, but there are fewer of you, but when I try to write here .. I hope you get what I mean .. Right? or contact me privately. I'll let you know .. I mean

Lovee said...

: O * sigh *: O
Its soo beautiful!
gorgous I must add. :) ♥
be happy.
and Faat?
Your Step!
their average.
Do not be so hard on his car.
SOO many girls as beautiful as you wanted.
And btw.
Her eyes are very pretty. ♥

Be happy for him. : D

Voldemor... said...

They are very pretty and not fat! Like someone said he could not go that dark hair, but you're pretty. They also add that the crack is in the first photo very cool: D. Have you or it was something like a sticker?

86 400 seconds in a day! ♥ said...

ur really pretty! lol seriously
8 / 10 =)

drake jhon said...

wow, hot even when noooooooooooooooooooo.ur if ur fat or ugly, the left feel, while others are not Barbie dolls leg self.btw UR UR UR fat or ugly.

Milziie said...

his hair black, but only if you see a black lava, but not the color of black hair and wouldnt say exactly fat

Twilight... said...

No, I thought it was great that I'm always bad when I'm with my friends, but if we are partners of the project is always selected, because I am friendly!

trudy b said...

is very thin, DUHHH! want to be blind not to see.
But look a little pale, a little vitamin D will not hurt. :)


#1 MRZ. FABULOUZ said...

Ooh NO ... are very effective and is a bit stupid ... Why do you think you are ugly? You know, I have my days ... sometimes felt sooo hot, and some days I feel sooo ugly!

Manam said...

I do not think ur ugly or fat, has a very pretty face, pretty face and eyes:)!

Sara W said...

is real and T-shirt size, but not huge or anything

John V said...


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